Real time communication and collaboration for simplified flight operations.

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How does it work


A flight is setup on the software, and each participant is assigned a task. Then they simply hit the assigned button when the task has been completed & a notification goes to everyone. For instance, Ops tasks may include, AC onsite, slots granted, manifest loaded, Pilots tasks could be, Crew onsite, weight & balance sent, Fuel loaded, ATC hold 30 min, bags loaded, cleared customs, pax arrived, boarded, doors closed, takeoff, landed, parked, Etc, Catering companies tasks may include, Proforma created, religious restrictions, shopping completed, newspapers, flowers, meet on arrival, photos of catering sent, Etc, FA tasks may include, catering ordered, cabin ready, special items arrived, catering loaded, order correct, pax happy, items left behind, Etc, Brokers tasks may include, bags en-route, pax running 30 min late, pax en-route, add passenger, (scan passport in chat area direct to pilot) Etc, Passengers tasks may include, leaving hotel, 30 min out, Add more champagne, Etc. Just to name a few of the many tasks that are required on a flight. There are already standard templates for you to use, or any of the buttons can be changed to customized any task. Now everyone is watching the tasks checked off in real time on their phone, so there is no longer a need for phone calls, emails, or texts to anyone that is on deck, as they are all busy working the flight. This eliminates any calls to the crew, trying to check on the status of the plane to whether it is green, in order to send out the passengers. So you see, it was designed out of necessity to give everyone more time when working a flight, so that everyone is in the loop in real time, and there is no longer a need to chase information pertaining to any flight.

Sync across all devices

All participants receive real time updates as they are taking place and are accessible on any web browser or device.

All tasks in one place

Single location to view all assigned actions and check them as they are completed. Invite unlimited participants at no additional cost.

Flight Team chat

A simplified live chat, for all of the participants involved in passenger and cargo flights

Amazing features that will boost your productivity

Sync across all devices

Available on, Android and iOS devices now.

Track your time

When all actions are completed a real time stamped is received.

All tasks in one place

Detailed list of all actions in one location.

Secured protocol

State of the art encryption is in place to protect all of the participants.

Custom actionsYou can choose from several standard passenger, cargo, catering template lists of actions that pertain to most passenger flights. You can select that list and either delete some and or override and design your own action lists which can be saved for your future passenger or cargo flights.


Real-time movement messages to all participants with the assistance of your cell phone's GPS

Automated movement messages occur with the assistance of airport Geofencing. The internal barometer of your mobile phone determines the altitude of the aircraft which makes this possible.

The assigned participants that are responsible for engaging the status bar on the App, can manually activate the “Take Off" or "Landed" buttons. When the participating crew members mobile phones GPS is enabled, it activates the Geofencing feature and will automatically send a real time movement message to all of the participants without relying on traditional tracking methods.

flight ops simplified

This essentially eliminates your paper trip sheet, by replacing it with a live interactive solution for tracking all of the flight details from beginning to end on any device.

Complete Suite

This is a web based software for managing, planning, scheduling and monitoring flight operations worldwide. Also available to download for Android on the Google Play Store and download for iOS on the Apple Store. If you are a Operator, Owner, Pilot, Broker, Caterer, FBO, Passenger or anyone responsible for a flight, you need Flight Key.
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